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Package Bundle is Bad?

Heard that advice. Heard someone advise in a bridal forum "don't fall into trap of getting a bridal boutique to provide all in one service, pre-wedding, actual day, bla bla bla...."

Bad advise (financially speaking). From a business owner point of view, bundling up pre-wedding and actual day packages mean I can sell more services to a customer. In simple word, I rather sell customer 2 for price of 1.5 than trying to sell 1 at a time.

However, while the intention is good and a win-win for both, there are always "bad sheep" who sold package bundle but deliver half pass six services, or worst, run away and disappeared.

Therefore while I hate the advice, I respect the risk management approach. However, may I suggest a better approach? Do your usual homework and research into the bridal boutique that you are align to in terms of their bridal gowns, photography style and service quality. When you are ready to confirm the deal, negotiate for a price bundling for pre-wedding and actual day wedding packages (if that is what you are looking for) and lock-in the price but with an option to de-couple the bundle if you find out later that they failed to deliver their promise the moment you sign on the dotted line.

Test them up. Send them as many queries as you have and see if they responded the same as before the sign-up. If their service level change the moment you signed the contract, then it is likely you are not that special to them any more. That's another sales trap that you might have fallen into.

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