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Small High-Value Packages for Small Scale Wedding

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

We live in unprecedented time. Never before since our grandpa and grandma times have we seen any real crisis as we see today. While we are battling with COVID-19 and it's aftermath, should we then decide that we should just go ROM, sign our signature and that's it?

What if we can make use of the current regulation of conducting a simple wedding of not more 20, to create still, an unforgettable event for years to come, and yet save lots of money?

We, from the The Moment Bridal aims to help you fulfill that by sourcing for you the best venue setup, environment, food with simple, pretty and elegant wedding gown and photography to conduct your wedding solemnization and ceremony with LIVE streaming to your friends who are not able to attend due to numbers restriction!

Yes, we do all of these at a faction of what it cause to conduct a full fetch wedding.

If you are keen to find out more, do call, email us to make appointment. We aim to make your wedding the best moment of your life, COVID or no COVID.

Call us today

whatsapp : +65 9126 0995 | call : +65 6225 5521 |

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