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We Believe That Small is Beautiful Again - In light of the COVID-19 (Midst and Post Pandemic)

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Being in the business of wedding planning since our company's inception, we have till date organise and being involved in more than thousands of weddings for couples then and now.

One of the common irony young couple face when comes to planning for their wedding is, should they hold a traditional & elaborated wedding banquet (that will please their parents for sure but leave them a big hole in the pocket) or should they just hold a wedding reception or cocktail for few good pals and enjoy the solemnisation and exchange of wedding vows in a simple but dignified environment that is yet filled with fond memory that they can recall back when they are celebrating their golden wedding anniversary 50 years later!

Our answer to this question is, it depends. If today you have a war chest to use for an elaborated wedding of the century, so be it. After all, wedding is one of the most important celebration of life where you shall leave your single hood once for all to live with him or her for the rest of your life and form a new nuclear family.

However, not many couples are born with silver spoon. Many are still struggling at every stage of their life, from having to fund their own education, to wedding fund, housing fund and afterwards, children fund and then very soon, their children's' education fund and not to mention, their own retirement fund, There seems to be endless financial commitment to make till one day, everything start to weigh them down.

Therefore, in the recent 1-2 year, we are starting to see many couples coming to us to seek our advises to help organise small and dignified wedding.

Apart from organising wedding banquet at the traditional hotels, since the 2nd half of last year, we have team up with wedding event organisers that provide affordable wedding venues with a comprehensive wedding planning at a very affordable pricing for our wedding couples.

The end results, tremendous cost saving that they can translate these saving to channel to their family fund or travel to exotic honeymoon locations (of cause that was pre COVID-19 days)

Today, fast forward, Apr 5 2020, while we are in the midst of putting up the best fight with the Coronavirus that has plague the world since the starts of the year, our hearts are with many that have suffered directly or indirectly.

We hope that our experiences in organising small but dignified weddings will prove to add lots of values to the new couples there who are in the pandemic crisis and has put many painstaking plans to waste.

Please write in to or call 62255521/91260995 to make an appointment today for a online meeting for now, till our shop is open again after the stop work order is lifted back by our government.

Till then, stay healthy, stay safe!

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